The Twelve Tubes Drainage Structure, located off Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming,  consists of (12) 56” diameter corrugated metal pipes that carry the flow from the Abrahams Creek Diversion Channel underneath Wyoming Avenue (US Route 11).  The elevated platform allows staff to safely access the Rodney Hunt actuator devices that lower or raise the sluice gates located on the discharge side of the pipes.  Under normal conditions the sluice gates are in a raised position to allow the flow from the diverted Abrahams Creek to flow unimpeded to the Susquehanna River.  During high water events along the river, the sluice gates are closed to prevent a backwater effect and interior flooding on the dry side of the flood protection system. 

            The structure was erected sometime in the mid-1950s and the condition of the existing protective coating system on the platform structural framing is poor.  The deterioration of the coating system was listed as a deficiency in the latest United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) routine inspection report on the Wyoming Valley system.

            At the March 17, 2020, regular meeting of the Authority Board, the Board approved to publicly advertise and invite bids to paint the Twelve Tubes Drainage Structure Access Platform.  The painting scope of work will include the platform framing members, columns, lateral bracing and handrail.  The scope will not include painting of the 12 sluice gates or the sheetpile floodwall, all of which have their coating systems in good condition.

            At the April 21, 2020 regular meeting of the Authority Board the LCFPA Board of Directors accepted the lowest responsible bid of $146,100 by  M & A Coatings LLC, 86 Valley Road, Eighty Four, PA.   The work began in May and was finished in June 2020.


Twelve Tubes Drainage Structure Access Platform Painting