In the Edwardsville Reach of the Wyoming Valley Flood Risk Management Project (WVFRMP), adjacent to Wyoming Avenue (Route 11) and the Sunoco Logistics facility, there was an abandoned parking lot and unwanted vegetation on Authority property.  The asphalt parking area was previously used for patron parking at the former Mark II restaurant that has since been razed.  The impervious asphalt surface was a hindrance to levee inspection patrols, the members who are looking for boils and other instability issues, during high water events.  In addition, the parking lot and forested area were being used by the public for illegal dumping and other unwanted activities and much of the vegetation was within 15 feet of the levee toe.

At the May 2016 regular meeting of the Authority Board, to address the above concerns after a public bidding process, Lycoming Supply, Inc., Williamsport, PA was awarded the $47,515 contract to remove the asphalt pavement, unwanted vegetation, site grading, topsoil placement, seed and mulch to stabilize the site with a grass turf cover.

Edwardsville Parking Lot Demolition