Forty-Fort Floodwall Joint Rehabilitation

        Improvements to the floodwall located in Forty Fort Borough were installed as part of the Wyoming Valley Levee Raising Project which occurred from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s.  After 15+ years of service, the sealant material in the concrete floodwall joints have started to deteriorate and have been noted as a deficiency in the latest United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) routine inspection report on the flood protection system. 

        Expansion joints are installed within concrete structures to allow the components to shrink and swell due to thermal movement and to help mitigate stress cracking caused by these temperature swings.  These joints are typically sealed with an elastic polyurethane-based product to help prevent moisture infiltration and uphold the integrity of the floodwall.

​Authority staff has replaced 10,200 linear feet (nearly 2 miles!) of existing deteriorated joint material with new backer rod and joint sealant material.  Authority staff replaced the joint material on both sides of the floodwall from the Forty Fort Cemetery downstream to the pedestrian access opening opposite Fort Street.  In 2020 the Authority will replace the remaining Forty Fort floodwall joints from the Fort Street access opening to the floodwall’s termination just upstream from Mohawk Place. By performing these joint replacement efforts with in house staff, the Authority will save substantial dollars over contracted labor costs.