Levee and Floodwall Profile Elevations

               In accordance with United State Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Operation & Maintenance Manual (O&MM) regulations, the top of protection or profile of the Wyoming Valley Flood Risk Management Project (WVFRMP) must be surveyed on a five (5) year cycle.  Utilizing survey grade GPS equipment, the work includes profile surveys at approximate 100 feet intervals along the 16-mile length of earthen levees and floodwalls in Exeter, Forty Fort-Swoyersville, Kingston-Edwardsville, Plymouth, and Wilkes-Barre–Hanover Township Reaches.  This effort is necessary to evaluate any measured settlement, depressions in crown or other irregularities that could compromise the integrity of the flood protection system.

                At the March, 2013 regular meeting of the Authority, a task order in the amount $11,000 was awarded to the Quad Three Group to perform the levee and floodwall profile elevation survey.  The project deliverables includes tabulated coordinate value results, and profiles of each reach for comparison with past measurement/documentation.  The surveys are tied into established USACE benchmarks.