Levee Crest Maintenance Road Repairs

                The asphalt road atop the levee crest is primarily used for maintenance access by Authority staff and emergency access during high water events on the Susquehanna River.  The road was installed as a part of the Federally authorized Wyoming Valley Levee Raising Project (WVLRP), which occurred from the mid-1990’s to the early 2000’s, and raised the level of protection 3 to 5 feet.  It is now 20+ years since segments of the WVLRP have been completed and turned over to the Authority.

Thermal movement over the past 20+ years has created numerous longitudinal and transverse cracks in the surface and has caused many of the United State Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) monuments to heave vertically.  To enhance public safety and to maintain the structural integrity of the road for the next 20 years, the Authority is proposing to fill and repair the existing longitudinal and transverse cracks in the road surface, remove the existing USACE monuments and fill the resulting cavities, seal the road surface and attend to several roadside shoulder repairs.  In place of the monuments, station location markings will be applied to the pavement surface at 100 feet intervals.  The markings will consist of permanent, weather and traffic resistant paint, or an equivalent marking.  These markings will be utilized during emergency high water events by levee patrol members to identify and report problem areas along the system.

The estimated total engineering, construction administration and construction costs is $275,070. The Authority applied, through the PA Department of Community and Economic Development, for a 2017 Flood Mitigation Program grant. With sponsorship from Forty-Fort Borough, the LCFPA was awarded $100,000 to offset project costs.