Photos courtesy of: Christina Kinsman

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2017 TreeVitalize Grant Awarded

       The Authority is the recipient of a 2017 TreeVitalize grant in the amount of $5,100, through the Pennsylvania Urban and Community Forestry Council. The grant is for the replacement of  the dead ash trees that were positioned at twenty-three (23) planting stations located throughout the flood protection system. The ash trees  that were originally planted in the 1990's became infected with the emerald ash borer, an insect that arrived from China in 2004. Using in-house personnel , the Authority removed and disposed of the infected trees. The trees will be replaced with a variety of hardy species to build future diversity in the planting stations. The new trees will be planted in the Spring, 2018 by in-house personnel and volunteers under the direction of a Penn State Cooperative Urban Forester.

2017 Wednesday Walks

Coordinated by the Wilkes-Barre YMCA

& Sponsored by Highmark

       A guided tour of the levee system took place on June 21st, 2017 to educate the community on the inner workings of the Wyoming Valley Flood Risk Management Project (WVFRMP).  Christopher Belleman, the LCFPA Executive Director, led the walkers from the Market Street Bridge to the Pierce Street Bridge and back to the YMCA. He educated walkers about the levee pump stations, storage buildings, various types of closure structures and the Susquehanna River Stream Gage, all of which make up a portion of the complex levee system. About 40 members of the community came out for the event and many left with a better sense of how the system functions and how the community is better protected from flooding along the Susquehanna River.