As a part of the Federally authorized Wyoming Valley Levee Raising Project (WVLRP), which occurred from the mid-1990’s to the early 2000’s, a SCADA computer system was installed which provides the Luzerne County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) command center with an overview and information from the thirteen (13) remote pumping stations.  Types of information monitored by the SCADA system are river level, alarm summaries, event summaries, individual pump station data, and trend data.  Pump station data includes information such as control feedback data, motor feedback data, sump levels, and electrical feeder data.

                The SCADA system utilizes several custom configurable software packages to acquire, display, and record the data from the remote pumping stations.  The SCADA computer software accesses information through wireless licensed radio communications with the individual pump stations.  The individual pump station radios pass the information from the programmable logic controllers (PLC) to the radio connected to the SCADA computer at the EMA command center.

                Pro-Tech Systems group, Akron, OH was the original equipment and software supplier for the SCADA.  The system is now approaching 20 years in age.  At the May, 2016 regular meeting of the Authority, a contract to upgrade the SCADA system was approved by the Board members in the amount $18,850.  The work includes RSLogix 500 and Lnx Classic OEM Data Management software upgrades, new SCADA computer and monitor equipment, software conversion, remote modifications of PLC for ultrasonic parameters, and computer setup and configuration.

Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Upgrade