In accordance with United State Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Operation & Maintenance Manual (O&MM) regulations, it is required that earthen levees be free of all encroachments and unwanted vegetation within 15 feet of the levee toe. This includes all trees, large caliper woody vegetation and stumps.  This project consists of ten (10) work areas within the 16-mile flood protection system where approximately 139 trees and other unwanted vegetation must be removed.  Additionally, there are approximately 206 stumps of various diameters to be removed below grade.  The tree removal process and restoration of the sites must conform to USACE guidelines.  Once the trees and stumps are removed the sites will be stabilized with a grass turf cover.  This project will address several unwanted vegetation encroachment deficiencies identified by the USACE in their last inspection report.

This project was publically bid in June 2017 and only two (2) bids were submitted by interested contractors.  Due to the lack of comparative pricing, at the June 2017 regular meeting of the Authority Board, the members voted to reject the bids and to re-bid the project in Fall 2017 in the hopes of drawing more interested vendors to submit bids.

 Selected Tree and Stump Removal