The Right-Of-Way for the flood control system is owned by the Authority. The Authority recognizes the recreation features of a levee system in an urban environment and supports safe and responsible public use.

Permission to use the asphalt maintenance road atop the levee crest, or other Authority property, must be requested to the Authority through our enclosed Special Events Procedure. Any requestor must complete the written application, the indemnification and hold harmless agreement, provide a certificate of insurance and submit to the Authority for review and formal approval. Restrictions for certain uses may apply, thoroughly review the policy for more information.

We sincerely appreciate the cooperation of the community and if anyone should have any questions on the Authority’s policy,

Please contact the Administrative

Assistant, Deana Prochaska, at (570) 208-6100, ext. 2.

Special Event Policy

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To request a speaking engagement with the Authority,
please complete the below form.

Speaking Engagement Request

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